1884 Morgan Silver Dollar Value

The 1884 Morgan Silver Dollar is one of several sought after collectible coins that provides immediate value to the collector.

1884 Morgan Silver Dollar Value can range in price from $50.00 in very fine condition to $100.00 in higher-grade condition. There is a difference in Circulated and Un-circulated coin pricing as well as factors that play into its condition. Educating yourself about the conditions and the pricing standards that are set, can give you a general idea of what your coins are worth. There can be some wear on the coin for the grade to be high.  Many collectors are willing to teach you the basics of collecting coins.

Choice Un-circulated coins will have the highest value. The coins that have MS63 condition are sought after and difficult to find. The Carson City coin is valued at around $300.00.  The San Francisco coin will sell for between $25,000 and $40,000 dollars. This coin must still have its full luster. It should be in mint condition and have no trace of wear whatsoever. It is highly prized among collectors. Un-circulated coins can have some scuff or wear marks but still have attained a high grade. As a collector, you will not begin with high-end coins. As you learn and increase your collection, you will begin to see more rare items. People spend a large portion of their time in making their coin collections perfect.

The Morgan Silver Dollar contains 90% silver and 10% copper. The weight is exactly 0.77344 of silver.  Each coin will have an identifying mark on it. This will tell you where the coin was minted. There were a limited number made in Carson City and they carry the “CC” mintmark on the reverse side of the coin. These coins will be sold at higher premiums.  Coins that were minted in San Francisco are extremely rare and highly sought after by collectors. They will have an “S” on the backside.  Many factors go in to determine what the worth of your coin is.

Take the time to do your research and seek the advice of a well-respected expert to assist you in assessing your 1884 Morgan Silver Dollar Value.

Morgan Silver Dollar Value Chart

Use the Morgan Silver Dollar Value Chart below to get an idea of how much your Morgan Silver Dollar may be worth!

This is just a guide - to get a more accurate estimate of your coin's value see a coin specialist, appraiser, or look into these recommended books: Red Book U.S. Coin Price Guides or the Blue Book of U.S. Coin Values.

Morgan Dollar Values (in U.S. Dollars)

Date Circulated Value Uncirculated Value Date Circulated Value Uncirculated Value
1878 18.00 60.00 1891-O 16.50 110.00
1878-CC 72.00 180.00 1891-S 17.00 47.50
1878-S 18.00 50.00 1892 16.00 105.00
1879 17.00 31.00 1892-CC 160.00 1,280.00
1879-CC 132.00 3,200.00 1892-O 16.50 122.50
1879-O 16.25 62.50 1892-S 18.00 26,500.00
1879-S 16.25 33.00 1893 175.00 570.00
1880 16.50 31.00 1893-CC 210.00 2,875.00
1880-CC 125.00 460.00 1893-O 140.00 1,800.00
1880-O 16.00 20.50 1893-S 3,250.00 75,000.00
1880-S 16.00 31.00 1894 1,250.00 3,750.00
1881 16.50 30.50 1894-O 42.00 445.00
1881-CC 300.00 350.00 1894-S 47.00 610.00
1881-O 16.00 32.00 1895* 16,000.00 35,000.00
1881-S 16.50 32.00 1895-O 255.00 13,850.00
1882 16.00 30.00 1895-S 375.00 3,200.00
1882-CC 75.00 175.00 1896 16.00 30.00
1882-O 16.00 31.00 1896-O 17.25 990.00
1882-S 16.50 32.00 1896-S 17.50 1,500.00
1883 16.00 30.00 1897 16.00 28.00
1883-CC 80.00 170.00 1897-O 17.00 590.00
1883-O 17.00 28.00 1897-S 17.25 45.00
1883-S 16.50 510.00 1898 17.00 30.00
1884 16.00 29.00 1898-O 17.50 32.00
1884-CC 102.50 167.50 1898-S 17.25 195.00
1884-O 17.00 28.00 1899 132.50 250.00
1884-S 17.00 4,500.00 1899-O 16.50 30.50
1885 16.00 29.50 1899-S 18.00 245.00
1885-CC 445.00 540.00 1900 16.25 29.50
1885-O 17.00 28.00 1900-O 17.00 29.50
1885-S 18.00 170.00 1900-S 17.00 250.00
1886 16.00 26.50 1901 19.00 1,850.00
1886-O 16.50 530.00 1901-O 17.00 31.50
1886-S 38.50 245.00 1901-S 17.00 400.00
1887 16.00 26.50 1902 16.00 36.00
1887-O 16.50 40.50 1902-O 16.50 30.50
1887-S 17.50 85.00 1902-S 50.00 325.00
1888 17.00 32.00 1903 36.50 50.00
1888-O 17.00 32.00 1903-O 265.00 345.00
1888-S 105.00 235.00 1903-S 72.50 3,300.00
1889 16.00 28.00 1904 18.00 57.50
1889-CC 540.00 17,750.00 1904-O 20.00 35.00
1889-O 17.00 105.00 1904-S 26.50 985.00
1889-S 31.50 160.00 1921 15.50 19.50
1890 16.00 28.00 1921-D 15.75 33.50
1890-CC 75.00 375.00 1921-S 16.00 35.00
1890-O 16.50 52.50
1890-S 17.00 43.00
1891 16.00 40.00
1891-CC 82.50 310.00

There are many factors that go into giving a value for a Morgan Silver Dollar - each of these must be taken into consideration, REMEMBER this when using the Morgan Silver Dollar Value Chart and only use it as a guide!

Silver Morgan Dollar Values

It’s important to know your Silver Morgan Dollar Values when adding to or starting a collection of these historical coins.

Morgan Silver Dollars are one of today’s most popular collectable coins. They were first minted in 1878 after the passage of the Bland-Alison Act. Named after its designer, George T. Morgan, the dollar was created as a means to “stimulate the economy!” It was believed that by getting these silver coins into the hands of the people the spending of them would naturally take place (it didn’t hurt that the silver mining companies politicized the passing of the Bland-Alison Act, lobbying congress to pass the legislation).

Of course, nothing that congress does really works as planned and instead of “stimulating the economy” the act led to the overproduction of the silver Morgan Dollar, resulting in millions of these coins sitting in bank & treasury vaults unused! Even though their use did not go as planned production lasted until 1904 and then again for one more year in 1921! Finally, the dead horse was laid to rest.

Little movement took place in the coin collection world for Morgan dollars until 1962 when the Treasury department started selling off bags of Morgan’s for face value, creating a collection feeding frenzy and driving up Silver Morgan Dollar Values! Stories of rare finds began to circulate and collectors started scooping up loads of coins for their personal collections.

Today they are a highly valued treasure of the coin collecting world – their history, availability (which makes it easy for newcomers to coin collecting), size, & beauty keep them consistently atop the numismatic world!

Silver Morgan Dollar values are based on many variables: where the coin was minted (Carson City mintage tend to value higher as they produced a low amount of silver dollars), date of mint, the condition of the coin (wear marks, proof quality, etc.), & the price of silver bullion. – The Blue Book of U.S. Coin Values is a great asset in helping you determine the Morgan dollar values.

Morgan Dollar Mint Mark

The Morgan Dollar Mint Mark is a tiny letter used to identify where the coin was minted.Morgan Dollar Mint Mark

It can be found on the reverse side of the Morgan Silver Dollar (side with the eagle) – just below the wreath’s bow, between the letters “D” and the “O” of the word DOLLAR (see photo).

The Morgan Silver Dollar was minted from 1878 thru 1904 and then again in 1921. Five U.S. mints produced the Morgan Dollar – the locations and their associated mint mark are as follows:

  • Philadelphia (no mint mark) – this mint produced the coin in every year.
  • San Francisco (S) – this mint produced the coin in every year.
  • Carson City (CC) – produced the coin from 1878 – 1885 & 1889 – 1893.
  • New Orleans (O) – produced coins from 1879 – 1904.
  • Denver (D) – produced coins only in 1921.

The Morgan Silver dollar remains one of the most collected and well liked coins of hobbyists, investors, & collectors alike – and one of the keys to understanding the value of your silver dollars is to know how to identify where it was minted.

Just follow the advice here and you’ll be able to locate the Morgan Dollar Mint Mark helping you determine your silver dollar values!

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Morgan Dollar Values Information

Considering the state of many world economies today – it would be wise to know & understand Morgan Dollar Values!

Investing in any kind of precious metal requires a person to understand the value of their investment. Morgan Silver Dollars offer anyone a safe, easy, & economical way to invest in precious metals. They’re some of the most popular coins among investors & collectors.

It’s essential to know the worth of your coins so you can make the best decision possible when either buying or selling silver dollars. Remember, not all silver dollar coins…including Morgan Dollars are not created equal with values differing between many of them.

Many silver coins are valued by the content of their silver and its current price on the markets. Other factors play a role too, like availability, condition, etc. Morgan Dollar Values are based on many of these same factors – they are 90% silver. Morgan dollars minted from 1878 to 1904 or in 1921 are more common and typically sell for less. They still sell for more than their $1.00 face value, but you’ll need to do your research to really nail down their values. It’s important to be aware of the current market price for silver to assist in determining value starting points.

Use the chart below to get a rough estimate of the values for Morgan Silver Dollars -

morgan dollar values